Biology – Chapter 12 : The Life Cycle Homework

  1.  Identify and describe the three subphases of interphase.

Three subphases of interphase are the following G1, S, and G2. G1 is when the cell grows, however the cell maintains regular functions. S is where DNA and Chromosomes are duplicated. G2 is the period in which the cell prepares for division. Cells can possibly not enter G2 even if they went through S.

  1.  Discuss if binary fission in a prokaryotic cell is the same as mitosis in a eukaryotic cell.

Binary fission is like mitosis, but mitosis is much more byzantine. Mitosis has five steps, not just two (Or more, but primarily 2).

  1. During pro metaphase, the nuclear envelope disappears then it reappears later in telophase. Where does it go?

The nuclear envelope dissolves into the cytoplasm; later the nuclear envelope is put back together from the cytoplasm.


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